10 Disadvantages of Using Mobile Phones

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       Disadvantages of Using Mobile Phones

This article is all about of disadvantages of using mobile phones. Now the question is that

What are the top 10  disadvantages of using mobile phones? What are the Bad effects of using mobile phones?

                               Use of mobile phones

Mobile phones are a type of communication. The use of mobile phones has increased very fastly currently for communication, especially since 2000. The first mobile phone was developed in 1973. Wireless phones and letters were used for communication earlier. But when mobile phones were developed it was the most used device for communication. Initially, mobile phones were used for communication and text messaging only.  With the passage of time, mobile phones were used for pictures, calculations, location, and video calls.10 Disadvantages of using mobile phones    10 Disadvantages of Using Mobile Phones                            

  • Road accident

When anyone is using a mobile phone during driving a car, bike, or any vehicle it distracts the attention of the driver and causes an accident. If we are using mobile phones during driving we are putting our lives in danger.

  • health problem

If anybody is using a mobile phone very consistently it may affect his health. Scientists have reported other health effects of using mobile phones including changes in brain activity, and reaction times. These effects are minor and have no apparent health significance but they can create more problems for our health

  • Cheating in exams

10 Disadvantages of Using Mobile Phones

  • Distance from relatives.

The way you use your mobile device around your family can affect your relationships.


The cell phone is the main cause of distraction in class. Consequently, they will receive a low grade and get failure.  Some students annoy other students by texting or sending messages to them, so they cannot concentrate on the teacher’s lecture and get a low grade as well. Another factor that can cause distraction in class is ringtones.

  • Wastage of time

. In every few minutes,  We have a habit of checking their emails and social media accounts. Doing this during work hours is definitely not the right thing to do. It not just distracts employees from work, but also wastes their time and reduces work productivity.

  • Wastage of money

People are seen to be crazy after the latest versions, and features and they can put in any amount to buy it. Off course, a few of them also indulge in this expensive shopping to show off to others or under peer pressure. Technologies keep changing.  New features keep getting introduced in the market. Spending thousands of bucks on a device that has to be replaced in three to four years.   Also, it is not going to give you much value at the time of selling it.

  • Youth crimes

Nowadays people mostly carried their mobile phones everywhere and quite often expensive models of mobile phones. Caring for expensive mobile phones is the cause of snatching. These are the disadvantages or bad effects of using mobile phones now I am going to discuss all the advantages and benefits of mobile phones.

  • Immoral activities

we all have our personal mobile phones, especially students and teenagers, and also our parents do not check their children’s activities on their mobile phones. They can easily access immoral activities through their mobile phones because the internet is full of immoral activities and content. Teenagers and students especially watch many immoral contents which affects their moral values.

  • Playing games on mobiles not physically

Nowadays youngsters do not play games physically because of mobile phones. Our body requires physical activities for fitness. For example, we play games on mobile phones it makes us dull.

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