Best Makeup Artist & Beauty Travel Blogger in Dubai

If you’re seeking a great makeup artist and splendor tour blogger in Dubai, you’ve come to the proper place! Here you’ll discover the great pinnacle of ten makeup artists and splendor tour bloggers who stay in Dubai. I desire you to revel in analyzing, and please sense unfastened to depart me a remark when you have any questions.

With such a lot of high-cease hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls, it’s no marvel that many humans flock to this town for a flavor of the most extraordinary life. With many humans trying to appear great, this town may have no scarcity of gifted-style bloggers.

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Best Makeup Artist & Beauty Travel Blogger in Dubai:

These are all expert makeup artists from Dubai who aren’t the best, extraordinarily professional and gifted but additionally extraordinarily obsessed with what they do. In addition to masking the modern trends, those Dubai-primarily based splendor bloggers and makeup artists also spotlight the quality splendor spots within the world.

Aliya Fatima

The makeup artist Aliyah Fatima is widely recognized for her paintings as a YouTuber, splendor tour blogger, and YouTube influencer. With over a million subscribers on YouTube and 1,000,000 fans on Instagram, She is a famous makeup artist & tour splendor blogger primarily based totally in Dubai

.Makeup Artist

She has labored with several friendly makeup artists within the town, and he or she knows precisely what to search for about locating a skilled one. Aliya Fatima’s weblog is complete with the super opinions of various makeup artists in Dubai, so you may be sure that you’re getting an excellent feasible recommendation while you comply with her weblog.

Miss Mulberry

Miss Mulberry is another makeup artist and journey splendor blogger living in Dubai. Besides strolling her style and way of life blog, Mulberry is likewise a blogger. She does the first-rate activity of celebrating the artwork of apparel there. It is undoubtedly considered one of her remarkable passions to jot down essays on many topics, consisting of how she patterns in addition to touring overseas and different issues.

Sondos Alqattan

As a hit makeup artist and journey blogger dwelling in Dubai, Sondos Alqattan is a splendor professional and lifestyle enthusiast. Over the beyond 15 years, she has had the privilege of running with a number of the top outstanding names withinside the industry.

She commenced her personal YouTube channel, Beauty, via way of means of Sondos Alqattan in 2016 and has become one of the maximum well-known makeup artists on YouTube. There are several makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel for anybody who desires to do their makeup at home.


Befrenshee is every other makeup artist who blogs and runs a YouTube channel about cosmetics and fashion. As an artist residing in Dubai, she desires to share her ardor for the sector of glamor and splendor with her enthusiasts and audience. Aside from her excellent makeup abilities and pretty face, what makes this journey of makeup artist and phenomenon blogger so special?  Besides presenting easy instructions, it additionally offers reviews. She began a YouTube channel to replace her fans with brand-new splendor and cosmetics merchandise because she loves attempting new merchandise.

Najla Gun

Makeup artist, tour creator, and splendor blogger, Najla Gun lives in Dubai and is a freelancer. She Has labored with several of the leading organizations within the field, including L’Oréal, Dior, and Sephora. Her eye for splendor is unmatched. She has posted many articles on her weblog approximately makeup and wonder. She writes on subjects like pores, skin, and hair care products, finding herbal hair colors, and techniques. Her Instagram is where she stocks her courses and tour images and also uploads photos of the splendor and style she finds. 

Diana Chipar

Apart from her role as a makeup artist and travel blogger in Dubai, Diana Cipar is a former film star stylist who is very active on social media. As a pilot, she has been racing in Dubai since 2007. 

It has also been used as a version for several major brands and has been used for many television commercials. From an early age, her love of splendor and works of art led her to this role as she attached herself to phenomena and works of art for many years.

Huda Kattan

Huda Kattan is another well-known splendor blogger and makeup artist in Dubai. In addition to being a vlogger, she runs a YouTube channel, has more than 51.1 million fans on Instagram, and posts makeup tutorials for social media users. As the founding father of Huda Beauty, she manufactures liquid lipsticks, solving sprays, highlighters, and fake eyelashes, in addition to much different merchandise. It will release an app later this 12 months to permit human beings to shop for merchandise at once from their homes.


Another famous makeup artist and splendor blogger in Dubai, Tehzeeb, believes that after humans love her, she loves them back. Even even though she is genetically Indian, Tehzeeb spent a good deal of her time in Kuwait and New Zealand as a younger girl. Currently, she lives in Dubai with her husband and enjoys a comfortable life. Through her precise makeup techniques, Tehzeeb teaches her lovers how to beautify their splendor with makeup. Besides that, she teaches them approximately specific products, styles, accessories, and clothes that healthy them perfectly.

Judy Poulos

Even aleven though Judy Poulos is Syrian, Judy Poulos is presently living in Abu Dhabi, even running as a makeup artist and journey blogger in Dubai. As a makeup artist, she is well known for growing seems that replicate the subculture and lineage of the use of her origin. Her designs are famous for Arab women and men who decide on Western hair and makeup patterns with nearby influences. However, her fulfillment hasn’t come without risks.

Mona Kattan

Entrepreneur and Kuwaiti-American makeup artist Mona Kattan is a YouTuber and popular vlogger in Dubai. Not only is she the co-founder of Huda Beauty, but her Instagram account has over 30 million fans.

According to Forbes, Mona Kattan has been named one of the world’s most influential people on the internet, and he has been named one of the most influential people on the internet by Time. She may not always be the most active on social media, but she has also impacted the UAE beauty industry. Additionally, she has collaborated with many popular YouTube influencers, such as Nikkie Tutorials, Casey Holmes, and Zoella.


We have cautiously decided on the great makeup artists and splendor bloggers in Dubai! We desire you loved studying approximately them and discovered a few splendor suggestions on their blog. For more fashion blogs keep visiting our website

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