How to clean a tv screen

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How to clean a tv screen

Your TV may be among the things you are thinking about including on the “to keep clean” list; however, there’s a difference between a dirty screen and a crisp image isn’t something you can ignore.

how to clean a tv screen

Every day, TVs get soiled and covered in fingerprints and dust, and the buildup takes place so that it’s difficult to see.

It’s that until you spend 10 minutes scrubbing your TV and enjoying an enthralling cinematic experience.

How often should you clean the TV Screen?

To stop buildup from getting on your TV screen, you should aim for a once-a-week cleaning of your TV.

“It’s essential to keep your TV’s screen clean not just to extend its life, but, it also helps to give the best possible image. Make sure that any smudges, dirt, fingerprints, and dust are gone,” says Kathy Cohoon, a professional cleaner using Two Maids & a Mop. “It could make a significant distinction in the look of your television and the image on the screen.”

What You’ll Have to

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Cleaner for screens that is screen-friendly
  • Alcohol rub (for tubes TVs)
  • Cleansing cloth (for the remote only)

How do you clean flat Plasma LCD, LED, and OLED TV Screens

It is possible to clean any modern TV screen with the same method.

  1. Turn off the power. Before breaking out any cleaners or dust cloths, ensure the TV is turned off. If you need to be extra cautious, Cohoon says you can disconnect the TV; however, it’s not needed for modern televisions.
  2. Clean the TV. Dry dusting your TV is an essential element in the process of cleaning. “Removing dust will ensure that you aren’t causing scratches by rubbing a rough chunk of dirt or building up onto your screen,” Cohoon says. She suggests using microfiber, a soft cloth, to clean the entire screen lightly. If you need to, you can flip the cloth (or take a second one) to thoroughly eliminate any particles, fur, and other loose particles. You can also use a microfiber cloth to clean the tv screen, cords and speakers.
  3. Use a safe cleaner for screens. Apply a small amount of screen-friendly cleaner onto a soft cloth — never directly onto your screen. Then wipe down the TV screen using an orderly, back-and-forth movement. Verify that the cleanser is safe for the television you want to clean. Repeat the process as needed to remove the fingerprints and oily areas. Also, remember to clean the sides and top of the television.
  4. Cleanse smudges off the screen. “For harder spots, be sure that you do not apply excessive pressure on the tv screen, particularly for screens with more delicate surfaces,” advises Leanne Stapf, The chief operating officer of The Cleaning Authority. “If spot-cleaning with microfiber cloths doesn’t perform,                                                                                                                               I suggest adding a small amount of warmer water onto the surface and then cleaning the area with moistened fabric.”
  5. Air-dry. Allow the screen to dry completely before turning it off. It shouldn’t take longer than 15 mins.

clean a tv screen

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