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How to load Kemper profiles

how to loud kemper profile


If you`re the proud proprietor of a Kemper profiler amplifier head, you understand that those amps can reproduce any guitar sound imaginable. But what you can now no longer recognize is a way to load third-birthday birthday celebration Kemper profiles onto your amp. Fortunately, it`s a notably easy process. In this weblog post, we`ll stroll you thru the stairs so you can begin using the profiles of the one in no time.

What precisely is a Kemper profile?

 In short, a Kemper profile is a virtual record that captures the sound of a specific amplifier (or unique piece of gear) and makes it to be used inside the Kemper Profiler. 

Hundreds of profiles are to be had online, overlaying each amp imaginable. And the first-class element is that they`re clean to locate and download. 

How we can loud profile onto Kemper profiler?

Head Read at once to discover ways to load profiles onto your Kemper Profiler amplifier: 

  • To start, log into your account at the Kemper website. You could create one for free if you don`t have an account. 
  • Once you`re logged in, click on at the “Profile Central” tab at the top of the internet page.
  • On the Profile Central web page, you`ll see a listing of all the to-be-had Kemper profiles. You can clear out the listing through genre, sort of amp/impact, or different criteria. 
  • When you discover a profile you need to download, click the “Download” button. The shape might be downloaded as a ZIP document.
  • Next, join your Kemper Profiler head in your laptop using a USB cable.
  • Once the profiler is connected, open up the profiler`s menu and navigate to the “Remote” internet page. 
  • On the Remote web page, choose “Browser.” This will open up the profiler`s integrated net browser. 
  • In the internet browser, go to and log into your account if prompted. 
  • Once you`re logged in, click on the “My Profile Downloads” hyperlink on the pinnacle of the web page.
  • On the My Profile Downloads web page, choose the ZIP document you downloaded in advance. The profiler will start extracting the documents from the ZIP document and putting them onto itself.
  • When it`s finished, near out of the net browser and navigate lower back to the “Remote” web page at the profiler`s menu. 
  • Finally, choose “Profiles” from the Remote web page, after which you pick any of the newly mounted profiles from the listing that appears. And that`s it! You`ve now efficiently climbed Kemper profiles onto your profiler head.


So there you’ve got a short and clean manual on the way to defloration Kemper profiles onto your Kemper Profiler head unit. With only some clicks of a button, you could have get admission to hundreds (if now no longer hundreds) of various amp and impact fashions

Proper at your fingertips—ideal for a while you feel stimulated or need to test with new sounds.

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