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jazz social package weekly

We will be discussing the incredible Jazz Weekly Social Plus offer. It’s a fantastic social bundle that lets users remain in touch with their family and friends. Jazz offers a variety of exciting daily deals, which is a present to its customers that allows them to utilize social apps without limits.

Jazz Weekly, Social Data Offer, lets you utilize 8 GBs of WhatsApp, Facebook, and IOM. The offer also includes 500 on-Net (Jazz+Warid) Minutes and 25 Off-Net (other networks) Minutes for only the amount of Rs. 150 (Incl. Tax). Enjoy your time with loved ones with 8 GB of social data when you dial an easy subscription code.

 Jazz Weekly Social Plus Offer code

To Subscribe to this package, then you simply have to dial *668#

Unsubscribe code

If you want to unsubscribe from this, then you have to dial *668*4#.


 The jazz weekly social plus offer is Rs. 150, including tax.

Data info 

You will get 8 GBs of Social Data. The Data Can be used for Whatsapp, Facebook and IMO.

You will get 500 on net Jazz and Warid Minutes by subscribing to this offer.

You will also get 25 other network minutes by subscribing to this offer.


If you Subscribe to Jazz’s weekly social  bundle. It will be valid for seven days.

Check Status 

       If you want to check the status of your remaining Data and validity, dial *668*2#.


If you want more information about this bundle, dial *668*3#.

Terms & Conditions

The charges for setting up a call are 0.15 paisa.

Rs. 2.25 per megabyte will be charged on any internet bundle that exceeds the limit.

Internet bundles are available to subscribe to and consumed in 3G, 2G and 4G regions.

This bundle is not auto-recursive and must be renewed to use.

The internet speed depends on many factors, including the number of connected users and SIM devices, the number of visited pages, the time of day and the distance between 3G, 2G and 4G sites.

A base price of 3.6 plus tax for each megabyte applies when you don’t subscribe to any Internet bundle.

Jzaz balance share

Sometimes we require the balance to call or send an SMS on the mobile Data. We have a fantastic deal for every Mobilink user. You can share the Jazz with Jazz balance for only 5.49+Tax per transfer. You can share a limit of PKR 500 balance in one day. We have provided all the information.

Sharing balance is a simple process in Jazz, but often it is a challenge for novice users. We’ve done this to explain the entire process in an image to our loyal users.

Jazz Balance Share Code

Sharing your account balance on Jazz SIM is always simple and completely functional by using a simple code. If you’re a prepaid user, follow the guidelines below and take advantage of the most efficient service for sharing your balance with relatives and family members.

you must follow these steps.

  • Just dial *100*03XXXXX*amount#, and balance will be shared
  • For one day, you can share 500 rupees maximum only.
  • For one day minimum, you can share 15 rupees only.
  •  For every transaction, Charges are 5.49 rupees + tax.

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