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jazz WhatsApp package

Find Jazz WhatsApp package  monthly, weekly, and daily. The full offer of WhatsApp Jazz includes 5000MB of internet data. You can use Jazz’s free Whatsapp codes.

 New Year Jazz Free WhatsApp Package 

Jazz is currently offering free WhatsApp offers. It is an exclusive temporary offer starting in the new year, 2021. Here are the details of the WhatsApp package without Jazz. If you press *225*2# you get 650 MB. You can call 10 times a day.

Jazz WhatsApp Offers 


In the monthly WhatsApp bundle, you will get 5GB of data for WhatsApp, Facebook and Imo plus, you will get 12000 sms as well. Its price is 100 rupees and the activation code is *661#.

In Mahana, Bachat offer, you will get 2 GB of data for Whatsapp and IMO plus, you will get 200 jazz minutes, 20 other network minutes and 2000 sms. Its price is 23 rupees, and the activation code is *614#.

In the Weekly WhatsApp bundle, you will get 25 WhatsApp MBS, plus you will get 1500 sms as well. its price is 23 rupees .its activation code is *101*1*07#.

In the weekly WhatsApp +youtube offer, you will get 5 GB data for IMO, WhatsApp, youtube, and Facebook.Its price is 89 rupees. Its activation code is *660#.

In Daily Whatsapp Bundle, you will get 10 MBS for one day. Its price is 7.2 rupees. Its activation code is *334#


 Jazz WhatsApp Package 

Jazz’s primary month-to-month WhatsApp package is priced at one hundred PKR providing 5GB of statistics for social apps. Just Dial *661# to spark off. The Mahana Bachat provides an all-around, presenting customers with two hundred Jazz minutes, 20 different community minutes & 2000 SMS at the side of 2GB of WhatsApp statistics. The disturbing component is that the bundle ends without notifying the consumer. In this case, the number one credit score is applied without the consumer’s awareness. So be clever and spark off the Jazz Monthly WhatsApp bundle endorsed by the PlusPackages team.


There are two major Jazz Weekly WhatsApp packages. One costs Rs 23 for 20MB of WhatsApp data. We recommend opting for the weekly Youtube and WhatsApp package, which gives you 5GB of data.


However, the bottom bundle presents the consumer with 10Mbs of information for twenty-four hours. That is the best quality for customers who need more credit. So, Dial *334# to set it off.

About WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most famous communique utility globally, with over 1.5 billion lively monthly users. In Pakistan, the app is likewise actively utilized by authorities officers for communique because of its stable give-up-to-give-up encryption. End-to-give-up encryption (E2EE) is a technique of stable communique that stops 1/3 of events from gaining access to records simultaneously as it’s transferred from one give-up machine or tool to another.


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