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Telenor is recently one of the excellent community vendors in our country. In Pakistan, Telenor serves extra than forty-three million customers because it affords beneficial offerings and numerous merchandise to the cell smartphone community. Telenor affords numerous gives and net applications at a cheap fee to their clients, but it has emerged as the growing super mega-celebrity amongst community vendors. Many preceding offers through Telenor had been a hit and earned a tremendous reaction from clients. Now, Telenor is again supplying a super provide for its community. Without similarly due, let’s speak about the professionals and cons of this super Telenor Sim Lagao Offer.

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Telenor Sim Lagao Offer Facilities

Telenor sim lagao provides centers to their eligible clients that assist in normal life. If you last used your Telenor Sim on the account on July 12, 2020, you can avail of this provide. You can get net and on-internet calls that expire for 60 days. You can avail of a couple of specs along with 10,000 MB net that may be used from 12 am to 7 pm and 3000 on-internet mins. • 10 GB Free Internet • 3,000 Telenor to Telenor Minutes.

Once you avail of the provided 50 mins might be published at some point during the provided validity time, and 5000MBs might be published two times after 30 days.

How To Subscribe To Sim Lagao Offer

By subscribing to Telenor’s sim lagao offer, you get 10,000 MB of the Internet and 3,000 on-net minutes. Users can sign up for this offer by calling 2222, and it costs Rs.0.2


Telenor’s legal sim offer is eligible for all their customers in Pakistan with some terms and conditions.Customers who do not use a SIM card as of November 11, 2022, will be eligible for the Telenor Sim Lagoo offer.

how to check the Telenor balance

Known as a leading mobile data service provider, Telenor offers a bundle of packages to its subscribers. Whether SMS, phone, or Internet packages, Telenor always offers amazing package deals and innovative ideas. Along with these great packages and offers, the network has also introduced a free Telenor balance check code that tells you your remaining balance. So, you will learn how to check the remaining data of your Telenor number. You can also check your Telenor balance online and through other free methods. 

You can use your Telenor balance verification code to check the remaining data available on your Telenor SIM card. In a crowded a world where few other telecommunications companies can be found, Telenor offers amazing Internet service.

Unique features, reliable 3G and 4G Internet connectivity, and specific network packages set this network apart from others. Many other telecom companies, such as Zong, Ufone, Warid, and Mobilink Jazz, but Telenor has also maintained its reputation. Therefore, Telenor has experience providing customers with 3G and 4G internet, SMS, and calling packages. You can get these packages at an affordable price, along with high-speed Internet.

Telenor Balance Check Method

If you need help with your Telenor balance verification code, don’t worry now. This article explains how to check the rest of your data on Telenor. Follow these simple steps, and a free Telenor balance verification code will be sent to your Telenor SIM card. You need to follow simple steps to learn how to check the balance of your Telenor number.

  • Open the mobile keyboard. 
  • Now dial *444# from your Telenor number. 
  • Wait a few seconds
  • Your remaining phone balance appears in a dialog box on the phone screen.
  • However, will be charged. 0.24 + tax.


Telenor was the best among other networks because it offers amazing deals and packages at amazing prices. We have always provided friendly service for a long time. It’s been a long road for Telenor, but it has many users in the community ahead of other network providers. Telenor now offers service to users who have yet to use a SIM card since November 11, 2022. You get about 10,000 MB of the Internet and 3,000 minutes of internet time, which varies from city to city. Access to these offers is limited for a specific amount of time, and you can access the Internet at a rate of 5000 MB per month and 50 minutes per day. The bonus in this offer is activated after 2 hours of subscription, and a connection fee of 0.125rs is charged.

You should also readout this Telenor balance save code

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