Why is My iOS 16 Update Paused?

Updating the firmware on your iPhone with iOS 16 is quite exciting because of the new and exciting features it offers. But, it can be challenging when your eagerly-awaited iOS 16 update download ends in a stalemate of “Paused,” and whatever you try, it doesn’t seem to work.

If you’re wondering, “why is my iOS 16 update paused,” why do not worry; you’re not alone. This issue is faced by many others iPhone users, and this article can help you resolve it. We’ll discuss some of the causes that led to your iOS update being stopped and provide the most efficient solutions to resolve and restart the issue.

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Why is My iOS 16 Update Paused?

If you’ve been asking, “why is my iOS 16 update paused” The most frequent reason is that there’s not enough space on your iPhone. And if you upgrade the iOS devices, they must be able to store some space temporarily where iOS can download and install the latest version before installing it. If your iPhone does not have this space, the update will remain on”Paused” mode “Paused” mode until that space is accessible.

An insecure or weak WiFi connectivity is another possible reason. If your WiFi connection is not stable, there may be a substantial decrease in download speed, resulting in the iOS update being stopped. Other common reasons are:

Apple service is unavailable. Apple service is currently busy or temporarily inaccessible.

Your iPhone was stuck in recovery mode.

The glitches and errors originate from Apple servers

An old iOS version

How to Unpause iOS 16 Update

Charge Your iPhone

Why is My iOS 16 Update Paused?

Your iPhone must run at least 50% battery capacity throughout the update. It is one of Apple’s requirements for a seamless experience. If the battery’s percentage is between 50 and 60 per cent, the battery will likely fall below the recommended percent halfway through, creating this iOS 16 upgrade pause issue. It can be solved easily by charging your phone and then leaving it in the charger until it is finished installing the update.

 Restart the iPhone and Try Again.

Why is My iOS 16 Update Paused?

There are many solutions to issues by restarting your iPhone. It’s among the most effective ways to fix the problems that cause your iDevice to behave strangely. Below is how you can reboot the iPhone and then attempt to update the iOS version.

Begin by pressing the Power/Side switch – push it, then release it when you can see the power off slider.

Move the slider to shut off the iPhone. After that, press while holding power/side button for a few seconds to bring the device back on.

 Reset Your Network Connection

As we mentioned previously, unstable networks are one of the most common causes which can cause the iOS update not to be completed. If your internet connection goes down while you are downloading, the iOS update will likely be automatically stopped by your iPhone. An unstable or weak link could cause the same thing to occur.

Here are some fixes to enhance your network connection and stop the pause iOS 16 update:

Shut off your smartphone’s WiFi connection and switch it back on to reset it.

You can reconnect to the network by turning Airplane Mode on and off.

Eliminate connectivity issues by resetting all your network settings on your iPhone.

Set or restart your WiFi router.

It’s also advised to stay clear when installing the iOS update when using cell data. It is only feasible if you own the iPhone 12 or newer model connected to a 5G plan. Otherwise, Apple doesn’t allow downloading and installing a major iOS update on cellular data.

Free iPhone Storage Space

A depleted iPhone storage can result in that iOS upgrade ceasing before completing the download. Before the download, the phone will usually inform you how large the file is. Most of the time, the file size for iOS updates ranges from 1.5 to two GB. You’ll need at least twice the storage capacity to allow for an easy download or installation.

To ensure that your phone has enough storage:

  1. Go to Settings and then open the General menu.
  2. Tap on iPhone Storage.
  3. If you find that your iPhone isn’t able to store enough data and you are not using it, delete any unneeded applications or media files to free the space.

If you’re still unable to get enough space, you can utilize computers to install updates to your iPhone. Doing this will mean that your iPhone will require little space to update iOS. You need to follow these steps:

Connect your iPhone to your Mac using the USB cable.

Open Finder and locate the iPhone. When prompted, you must trust your device for you to continue.

Go to the sidebar, and select your iPhone.

Select “Check for Update” right below the General tab.

 Overall Settings reset

Overall, setting reset is also a method to resolve the issue. The data or files stored on the device won’t be deleted. However, all settings will be erased and restored to default settings. 

In the setting, click on general.

Scroll down until you reach the “Reset” option and tap it.

Then, click “Reset All Settings” and ” Reset All Settings” when you are asked to confirm.

Delete Beta Software or Incomplete Updates

Did you download the iOS Beta version or even an unfinished update? If yes, it could be why your iOS 16 update paused. It is possible to fix it by uninstalling the iOS beta version or uninstalling the previous version’s installation package.

If you want to update your iPhone option, you can accomplish it by opening Settings and then clicking General. Then, select iPhone Storage, and navigate into”Software Update” “Software Update” option. Tap it, and then select “Delete Update.”

If the update file has been deleted, go to General and click on Software update. It will start the update.

Disable Content and Privacy Restriction

If you’ve got the restricted mode setting turned on for your iPhone, You may encounter problems installing an iOS 16 update. It is why disabling the Content, and Privacy settings can resolve this issue. It is possible to do this by:

After launching Settings, tap “Screen Time.” Next, tap on “Content & Privacy Restriction.”

Press the toggle next to “Content & Privacy Restriction” to toggle it off.

Enter your passcode on the screen then the security feature will be disabled.

Check Apple System Status

iPhone users from all over the globe usually hurry to grab the most recent iOS update each time there’s a new update from Apple. It can result in an enormous amount of traffic to Apple’s servers. Apple servers. The servers could overload them, leading to interruptions in service that create a situation that causes iOS updates to stop.

While it’s unlikely that it occurs frequently, it’s not impossible to consider an opportunity that this issue may be related to apple’s updates servers. It is possible to confirm this by visiting the Apple System Status page. If you’re there, look at the status of all the services associated with updates, including the iCloud accounts, App Store, and the list. They function correctly if you see a green circle in front of them. If you don’t see one, then it’s a system issue. You’ll need to keep waiting for Apple to resolve the problem.

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