windows 2000 runtime error,How to fix?

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How to fix windows 2000 runtime error

If you`re experiencing Windows 2000 runtime error on your pc, examine this text to discover how you could restoration the errors quickly.

windows 2000 runtime error

Reinstall Conflicting Software

If you’ve got a Windows 2000 running gadget, you will be experiencing a hassle recognized as “Windows 2000 Runtime Error 128”. A conflicting software triggers this hassle. The mistakes can also be because of a corrupt download or software program setup. In maximum cases, reinstalling the software program will remedy the problem.

Windows 2000 Memory Parity Error

A reminiscence parity mistake is a preferred pc mistake that looks like the pc can not get admission to the reminiscence on your gadget. It can arise because you are using new RAM or your present reminiscence has deteriorated. RAM works by rounding up character reminiscence transistors’ electric prices to symbolize binary values. If your reminiscence cells are horrific, the electrical price may be offset, converting the saved cost.

This mistake is mostly a signal of hardware failure. It may be solved without difficulty by resetting your RAM to its preliminary settings or loading the “Safe” BIOS settings. Memory parity mistakes arise while the statistics saved in reminiscence have an exceptional cost while it is miles recalled. This hassle also can appear in case your RAM is old or faulty. Remember to put in greater RAM if you are jogging out of RAM.

 The mistakes also can occur when your reminiscence hardware would not fit your PC’s reminiscence. For example, if your rigid disk has been broken, your tool drivers might also try to get admission to an invalid address. You can look at your gadget’s parity drives to solve the reminiscence parity mistakes. Make positive you choose the best parity force assignments withinside the Main tab.

If you’ve got assigned the incorrect force to parity, you may lose the statistics on that force. In addition to the mistake message, you must be capable of deciding the gadget’s underlying hardware.

The gadget’s structure has four essential components.

First, the OS’s hardware consists of an NTFS surroundings subsystem. This subsystem is accountable for the vital features of the running gadget. In addition, it consists of hardware-precise code, interrupts controllers, and more than one processor. In addition, Windows 2000 has a hybrid kernel that manages multiprocessor synchronization and entices handling. It additionally initializes tool drivers on boot.

TSR Applications Conflicts to Fix the Runtime Error

Suppose you have attempted putting off TSR packages out of your pc and nonetheless enjoy conflicts. In that case, you need to look at your running gadget and software program. If the TSR utility you use is a part of the Windows 2000 runtime, you will not be able to uninstall it. There are sorts of TSR packages: shareware and freeware.

Runtime mistakes arise while your pc encounters a hassle, together with reminiscence troubles. A precise mistaking code is “out of reminiscence.” Other runtime mistakes may be because of pc viruses, pc spyware, or software program issues. To troubleshoot runtime mistakes, begin via way of means of figuring out the precise mistakes code. Then, continue to troubleshoot any troubles it reasons.

Unsupported Storage Medium Problem

This mistake appears when Windows 2000 attempts to examine statistics from reminiscence. However, the statistics are only sometimes available. Common reasons include corrupt NTFS volumes, buggy services, and incompatible antivirus software programs. A broken motherboard or rigid disk might also purpose it.

If that is the case, it’s vital to check the motherboard and run diagnostic software to decide the purpose. The document direction is invalid, or the document does now no longer exist. The paper is on an examine-best, write-covered media, or any other manner locks it.

The record additionally has an advisory examine-best characteristic bit, which prevents it from being deleted if you can not get admission to the document or attempt to gain access to it with a command prompt.

You can attempt gaining access to the document using Control Panel’s Advanced Sharing Settings if that doesn’t work. The STATUS_DEVICE_NOT_CONNECTED mistakes suggest a problem together with your disk controller. It also can be because of a horrific SCSI terminator, unfastened cables, or horrific blocks. You can also try putting off the web page document to test for the problem.

 Another remedy to this mistake is to ensure your gadget has sufficient disk space.

You could use secure boot surroundings to restore the problem if the gadget has sufficient disk space. The safe boot kingdom may even permit Windows to stumble on hardware troubles. If those steps do not work, you could attempt restarting your pc. If it is no longer fixed, the following step is to eliminate any more software programs related to this system inflicting the mistake.


If you’re experiencing Windows 2000 runtime mistakes, some exceptional methods exist to solve the problem. For starters, you could use a third-birthday birthday celebration software known as Fix-It 50356, an excellent way to remedy the hassle by restoring the registry keys to an operating kingdom.

You also can use Microsoft’s Easy Fix software to remedy the problem. First, however, Microsoft needs to help it. Secondly, attempt to reinstall this system. Make positive it’s miles well suited with the Windows model and defloration any critical updates.

You can try contacting the software program developer if this doesn’t remedy the mistake. Alternatively, you could attempt resetting this system’s shortcut or user-described variables. Third-birthday birthday celebration packages can also be the wrongdoer behind a runtime mistake, so try uninstalling or updating them if you can.

 Additionally, replace your antivirus or different pc safety software, and run a complete experiment of your PC’s brutal force.

Hardware Configuration

Fixing runtime errors in Windows 2000 requires changes to the computer’s hardware configuration. These errors are often caused by outdated or incompatible hardware with Windows 2000. In this case, you need to disable the driver and download the latest version. Other causes of this error include a broken or damaged power supply or motherboard. You can diagnose the problem in exceptional cases by running a recovery device or diagnostics app.

Another way to fix Windows 2000 runtime errors

Another way to fix Windows 2000 runtime errors is to disable antivirus software and other obsolete hardware drivers. Booting your computer in safe mode will disable these packages and restart your computer.

When the computer is restarted and running, you can re-authenticate it one by one. If this doesn’t work, try rebuilding your hardware with driver and software updates. Knowing what software you are using and what your device needs are essential. This will help determine which application is causing the problem. You can also manually replace a working device. Then you have to check the error message.

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